Technology Slam

One of our projects during MAET Year 2, was to create an app. slam highlighting a tool we like to use in our classroom. For a slam, the speaker can only explain the app. for 1 full minute, at the end of the minute, time is up. Essentially, it’s just a quick sneak peak at … More Technology Slam

Research 101

I am all about reading research for projects, but conducting research is an entirely different story. I have really been trying to break the mindset of not being a “science or math person,” but the thought of graphs and charts and numbers is still not incredibly appealing to me; when I found out one of … More Research 101

Using the TPACK Model to Solve a Problem of Practice

TPACK is a great representation of Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge. For a great lesson, all three of these should be incorporated effectively, each one playing off the other. As teachers, the Content Knowledge portion should be the least of our worries, that’s what we majored in, usually our content is our passion. But, not … More Using the TPACK Model to Solve a Problem of Practice

International Conference Round 2 (Hosting)

Last year I wrote a really catchy blog post titled, “I’m Not Internationally Known…” but I was Part of an International Conference so that’s a Start. was an excited, eager, naive, first year MAET student. One of the big projects that Year 2’s face would be to actually host the GREAT17 (Global Resources in Education … More International Conference Round 2 (Hosting)